How to Promote Your Orchestra With Smart Video Marketing


The Internet combined with mobile technology has made it possible for people to promote their orchestra to a much wider audience without spending a lot of money. The year 2015 in particular, has been dubbed as “The Year of Video Marketing,” with video finally being considered an integral part of email marketing, content marketing, social, SEO, and other demand-generation online marketing strategies. For orchestras and others involved in the music business, video streaming is a medium that can entice and engage viewers and would-be customers in a way that will work far better than any other kind of marketing strategy.  Companies such as Memory Tree as leading the video revolution by creating cutting edge visual stories for customers.



A serious orchestra should have its own YouTube channel. YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, view and share videos. A subsidary of Google, YouTube videos have a significant impact on Google’s Search algorithm and can help you rank higher. It has become so mainstream that over 300 hours of video are being uploaded on this social platform every single minute.

What better way to get noticed by the public than by having your orchestra’s most memorable performances uploaded. Considered a social network by search engines, you will increase your social footprint across the web by having an active YouTube page. We already know the importance social media plays in influencing purchasing decisions of users, but a recent study shows that YouTube did beat out other social media platforms when it comes to influencing customer purchasing decisions.

Video Streaming in Real-Time

Social media has certainly changed the way we communicate with each other, and now people are more apt to share short video clips instead of lengthy text. Micro-video apps can shorten videos to just a few seconds, making them ideal for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With short videos, customers can quickly see a message in their news feeds while brands can just as quickly send a message to a much larger audience.

video marketing for orchestras

Offline Marketing

For best results, it’s always advisable to complement your video marketing, email marketing, content marketing, social, SEO, and other strategies with some traditional approaches to advertising. Distribute leaflets, flyers, brochures and other printed promo materials whenever you can. And of course, continue to engage in some old-fashioned PR by sponsoring community and school events and offering free orchestra concerts to the public. One effective guerrilla marketing stunt you may wish to indulge in is by making unannounced street performances at unlikely public places with heavy foot traffic.



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