Why Uber is Awesome For Sports Fans in Toronto

Uber is a new service that’s rapidly gaining a ton of popularity everywhere in the world.  It’s essentially better than taxis, and offers great pricing, excellent customer service, and awesome service.

There’s a few reasons I love it.

1. Its cheaper than taxis in Toronto.

Taxis are more expensive than Uber by 20-25% in Toronto, especially when you factor in tip.  This makes Uber a superior option for anyone looking to save money on transportation.  Addtionally, you can find a 2016 Uber promo code for Toronto quite easily online, allowing you to get a free first ride.

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2.   Uber is more convenient.

The app interface is fast, easy to use, and extremely useful.  Unlike taxis you don’t have to call a rude person who’ll tell you the cab will come in 15 minutes.  Uber pickup times are typically a few minutes downtown, and around 7-8 minutes in the suburbs.  Much more conveniant than calling a few cab companies hoping they’ll pick up.

3.  IF you lose your stuff, you’ll get it back.

When you get a random cab from the street, unless you’re very carefully you won’t have their information.  There’s a good chance you might never see your belonging again if you leave it in the cab.

With Uber all the information is in the app, thus preventing any major issues.  If you lose something you can easily get it back because the driver’s information is set up.  The way Uber works, drivers have a strong incentive to provide high quality service (because they get rated on it).

Uber’s customer service is overall much better.  The quality of cars are excellent as well.

4.  Safety
In some countries like Colombia, Ubers are 10X more safer than cabs.   Uber cars have tinted classes and look like private cars, while the taxi cabs are easy targets for robbers.

I highly suggest using Uber for your next ride in Toronto, because of the excellent customer service they provide.



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